For many American citizens who embrace a political philosophy which swings left, collectivism, socialism, and ultimately communism is the idealist utopia they aspire to capture and promulgate across America. For these people, For My Kountry, means to ridicule excellence, to fear prosperity, and to blame others for individual failures.

It is an ideology which springs from mankind’s weakest tenets…jealousy and envy. It is an ideology which attempts to tear all down to one low and “equal” or “fair” level. It is an ideology incapable of raising anyone or anything upward. Most of all, it is an ideology without any understanding of American culture or our American Founders’ dream of creating a country free from government tyranny, open to individual initiative, and most important, insuring to all citizens those inalienable rights guaranteed to mankind by God.

It might seem a little bit ridiculous, an inconsequential little guy, running an inconsequential little plastics company, with his inconsequential little handgun, might take on the audacious task of encouraging his fellow Americans to stand on their own, believe in themselves, appreciate our wonderful uniquely American freedoms, remind them of those simple but succinct liberties called the Bill of Rights, and expect he might have any effect on this vast and diverse land.

In my rumination, I realize it is no more ridiculous than hoping for dread, encouraging distrust against those wealthier than myself, blaming others for my failures, or expecting that a communist form of government would make life better for more people in America than our free-enterprise form of government does. No, it’s not ridiculous as that, and while inconsequential, it does make me feel I’m doing something positive… For My Kountry.

James V. Pontillo II
Founder, FMK Firearms

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever. – John Adams