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What people are saying:

I just went shooting today to test my FMK and it really shock me how good this pistol shoots, I tried the following ammo:
Blaser 115 FMJ ( 150 rounds), Remington 115 JHP (HTP), Hornady 124 JHP, HPR 124, Sig Sauer 124

The best ammo for target was the Blaser but when it came to PC the Remington was the best in accuracy, also the more I shoot the better the trigger felt no kick no recoil this is going to be my carry from now on where ever I go.  I’m thinking about buying another one next month, the drop free magazines and the sights are awesome thank for this making this pistol so great.  I’m putting my Glocks for sale… from now on it’s FMK.   Again thank you for this great pistol; job well done.  I’m in the military and told my other Soldiers to check this pistol out and to buy one.
Chris Burgos